Analog Obsession Unveils FREE High-Frequency Processor ‘Cite’ for Windows and Mac

Analog Obsession has recently rolled out Cite, a new high-frequency processor available as freeware for both Windows and Mac users.

Crafted from the ground up, Cite boasts a fully custom build tailored for ease of use.

For compatibility, the plugin supports VST3 and AAX formats for Windows, and VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Mac.

According to Analog Obsession, Cite is designed to work wonders with high-mids and highs.

While an official audio demo from Analog Obsession is yet to surface, users can already find a demo showcasing the plugin’s capabilities on YouTube.

Let’s explore its control scheme.

If you prefer plugins with a straightforward layout, Cite may be right up your alley. With just four parameters, it’s designed for intuitive operation.

Cite features an Amount control for gain-compensated shaping of highs, as well as an Area control that allows users to target specific areas of the high end, from mids to highs or directly highs.

Furthermore, Analog Obsession has included a Mix knob for blending dry and processed signals, alongside an Output master volume control. Notably, Cite does not offer oversampling functionality.

The plugin’s interface is resizable, allowing users to adjust from 50% to 200% via the bottom right corner handle. Users can also save their preferred instance size as the default preset.

Cite is compatible with Windows 10 or 11 and Mac 10.11 or newer (Intel / Apple Silicon). For Windows versions, a graphics card supporting OpenGL is required, while Mac versions require Metal support.

On Patreon, users can find a Windows Zip download and links to both Mac and Windows installers, all conveniently available for direct download with a single click.

To show support for Analog Obsession’s work, users have the option to subscribe to the developer’s Patreon. However, acquiring the plugin remains entirely free of charge, with no Patreon subscription required.

In 2024, Analog Obsession has been quite active, starting with the release of the free Color Bundle in February. This bundle included the Distox multi-mode distortion PreBox preamp and distortion box in a single release.

In March, Analog Obsession introduced the MoMa passive mojo box plugin, followed by the Atone channel strip plugin in April.

Download: Cite (FREE)

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