Johannes Gaabler developed a video game, alike Minecraft, “Festival Tycoon” on Steam. Working for about a time frame of two years, he launched this new game where people can build their dream music festival.

The basis of the video game is to develop your own music festival, manage and promote it. It is fitted out with stages, visitors, and lineups. The gamers will have to maintain their company’s reputation and develop a good rapport with the rockstars and the big-bull investors.

It’s just the budding stage of the game, there’s a lot more to be developed and fixed. As per the developer, there are going to be various bugs and interruptions, but if someone wishes to aid in the development of the game, he/she can purchase it from Windows.

He also added that the game comes with an additional “Supporter Pack” worth $4.99 and the prices of the game are going to surge with the incorporation of new features and content. The downloadable content doesn’t give anyone an unfair advantage. “The downloadable content is a way for players to provide additional support to the game’s development as well as Gabbler’s”, says the developer.

According to Gaabler, the pack includes:

1. An in-game thank you card from me, the developer.

2. A special role in the Festival Tycoon Discord server.

3. A Supporter Pack flair via Discord Rich Presence (others can see you are a supporter via the ‘Playing Now’ screen in Discord

4. A special in-game item, only available via the Supporter Pack DLC.