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Solaris Unveils FREE Decent Sampler Library By Venus Theory

Venus Theory has just unveiled Solaris, a new FREE instrument tailored for use with the Decent Sampler plugin.

Drawing inspiration from the Elta Music Solar 42—an analog ambient drone synthesizer—Solaris comprises a collection of 10 meticulously crafted Decent Sampler patches. Each patch exudes exquisite detail, capturing Venus Theory’s signature dark and tense cinematic sound.

The result? A distinct sonic landscape of experimental analog drones and textures, characterized by haunting beauty and organic vividness.

This sonic journey stems from the meticulous sampling of the Solar 42’s chaotic processing—a synthesis approach that offers a unique perspective on sound manipulation.

Beyond its semi-modular architecture, microtonal capabilities, and light sensitivity, the Solar 42 boasts swappable chip stereo effects units, allowing for the creation of expansive soundscapes.

With a vast array of oscillators and panning options, Solaris emerges as a dream instrument for ambient composers.

Recognizing the rarity of the Solar 42, Venus Theory generously shares his expertise and artistic vision by providing Solaris as a free instrument for all to enjoy.

Whether you’re a thriller film composer, sci-fi game audio designer, or electronic musician in search of evocative soundscapes, Solaris promises to be an invaluable addition to your sonic toolkit.

Moreover, the Decent Sampler instrument offers additional versatility, allowing users to customize patches to their liking.

Featuring traditional ADSR controls for amplitude and a central low-pass filter, along with dedicated cutoff and resonance parameters, delay, and reverb effects, Solaris offers a myriad of sonic sculpting options.

Explore a diverse range of tones, from basses to leads and beyond, playable across the C0 to C5 notes.

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Download: Solaris (FREE / Name-your-price)

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