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DirektDSP Unveils FREE MakeItLoud Compressor Plugin

DirektDSP has introduced the MakeItLoud compression and distortion plugin, offering users a name-your-own-price model with a free option.

Download MakeItLoud (FREE / Name-your-price).

Available in VST3 and AU formats for both Windows and macOS, MakeItLoud promises an innovative and seamless workflow tailored for sound designers and mixing engineers.

This plugin uniquely integrates compression and distortion, allowing users to effortlessly enhance the loudness and character of their sounds without compromising quality, according to DirektDSP.

Designed for applications in sound design, music production, and post-production, MakeItLoud doesn’t currently provide a demo. However, with the name-your-price model, users can explore it without any upfront cost.

Featuring a Mode selector, central Boost control, In, Out, Bypass, Compress, and four custom sliders for further signal tweaking, MakeItLoud’s user-friendly interface facilitates easy customization.

The 71 MB Zip file, including both Windows and Mac installers, ensures a convenient download process. DirektDSP emphasizes user convenience, requiring only three clicks to access the file without providing personal information.

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, DirektDSP presents MakeItLoud as its third release, following the Fuzzboy modern distortion and Hot Potato roasting hot distortion. The plugins share a design philosophy with a straightforward and direct user interface.

For those interested in demos, YouTube showcases Fuzzboy and Hot Potato. All three DirektDSP plugins, including MakeItLoud, are available on the company’s Itch.io page. Additionally, the developer shares the source code on GitHub, further emphasizing transparency and community involvement.

Fuzzboy and Hot Potato are currently accessible on GitHub, and it’s likely that MakeItLoud will be added in the future. All DirektDSP plugins follow a name-your-price model, allowing users to contribute based on their satisfaction.

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