Free Download Alert: Arturia’s Efx Refract Multi-Effect Plugin Available Until January 4th!

Arturia, the French maestros of audio software, have just dropped their latest gem—the Efx Refract stereo multi-effects plugin and it’s up for grabs for free until January 4, 2024. Rush to the product page or use Arturia Software Center to snag your free copy after a quick sign-up.

Post the promo, starting January 4, 2024, Efx Refract will be tagged at $99 / €99. While the full specs are yet to be unveiled, Arturia’s track record hints at compatibility with Windows and Mac.

Efx Refract flaunts unison-based processing, modulation options, and secondary effects, promising to effortlessly elevate any sound.

The super unison architecture injects instant size and character, perfect for marking key moments or undergoing sweeping transformations.

Noteworthy is its ability to craft a wide sound with up to eight stereo voices, a core design element. The animated interface simplifies the process of choosing voices, filters, LFO, and Mode FX, providing a visual treat.

Arturia throws in presets covering various sonic dispersion and Mode FX combos, from Delay and Distortion to Texture and Transition, to kickstart your creative journey.

With parameters like In, Out, HP Input, LP Output, Mix, A/B, LFO with Wave, Rate, and Sync, along with Refraction and Bandpass controls, Efx Refract is a powerhouse.

Compatible with VST, AAX, and Audio Unit formats, it caters to both Windows and macOS users.

Download: Efx Refract (FREE until January 4th)

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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