Space Hydra Dedicates New Single “Kyiv” to Ukraine

Described as “Atmospheric”, “Transcendental”, and sometimes “Cosmic”, Space Hydra delivers a distinctive sonic experience that reaches the depths of your inner self and transports you to the otherworldly. Based out of Bangalore, India, and founded as Producer/Bassist Krishnajit Bhattacharyya’s bedroom project, Space Hydra was later joined by drummer Shubham Bhardwaj and guitarist Jimmy Daimari. 

Weaved with socially conscious and empathetic story-telling, their songwriting style is characterized by heavy use of synthesizers that are sometimes ambient, sometimes retro, but almost always melancholic and driven by steady and technical drum rhythms, thumping bass grooves, and ethereal guitar works. The band draws influence from a wide range of genres across Post & Progressive Rock, Ambient Music, Synth Wave, Dream Pop, and Nu-Jazz. 

The band is currently working on their debut EP. And, their new single “Kyiv” is out now.

“Kyiv” is a deeply painted picture of the ongoing Ukraine War. It’s a musically written story about the first accounts of the war and the atrocities inflicted upon the peaceful democracy. “We were just out of the pandemic, and the last thing we needed was another war. We were all affected by the news. ” As artists, we felt the need to make a statement with the only tool at our disposal.” The song features news-like voiceovers depicting stories of the war with a melancholic synthesizer melody running through the song while experimenting with rhythms.

Listen here –


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