New Delhi Raised & LA-Based Singer-Songwriter-Producer Releases an EDM ballad with a stellar campaign

Madhur Batra, also known as ‘Madhurr’ is a rising musician making waves with his compositions across continents. His melodies are diverse relying heavily on soulful vocals and powerful lyrics bringing out raw emotions, packed in a fusion of Indian & Western pop music. He is a performer and has enthralled audiences with his soulful voice in Los Angeles, Amsterdam and all across India.

A creative powerhouse, Madhurr likes to take matters into his own hands. Not only does Madhurr craft all of his own arrangements, beats and lyrics, but the multi-instrumentalist also plays the guitar, piano and develops the visuals for his own releases. For Madhurr, releasing a song is not just about the audio but also building a visual story prior to the release . He says, “The importance of storytelling is crucial and I spend an equal amount of time creating a visual narrative for the release.”

After two highly-acclaimed singles last year, Madhurr recently released his first EDM/Pop ballad of 2021 titled ‘One Last Touch,’ which narrates the emotions of two astronauts longing for that final reunion moments before being taken by a blackhole. The songwriting exemplifies feelings of two individuals who had been holding their feelings for each other for the longest time; but it’s only when they’re nearing their end that everything starts to flash before their eyes. The song features lush guitars, dreamy ambiences, and sublime vocals of Madhurr and McKenna Alicia that cut through the arrangement effortlessly. On being asked about his songwriting process, Madhurr adds “For me, songwriting comes first and production second. As an artist, I need that initial musical spark that I usually get from composing a topline melody or writing a catchy hook either on the guitar or piano; once that is achieved, production flows naturally for me.”

With the lockdown situation still at large, the singer-songwriter turned his wardrobe into a vocal booth. He says “I didn’t really miss recording in the studio that much. With just few pillows placed strategically around the microphone and some corrective EQ, you can get some amazing sounding vocals”. The track was part of Madhurr’s final showcase at the prestigious Icon Collective College of Music, Los Angeles and won the hearts of many for its remarkable songwriting, production, and vocal performance quality. Madhurr adds, “I’ve been working incessantly on my songwriting, production, and ear training for the past couple years and it’s quite amazing to experience what one can achieve with consistent efforts. I feel prepared more than ever and can’t wait to release more music this year”

Listen to the full track here –