Listen to Space Hydra’s Latest Single ‘Ascent’

Space Hydra which is based in Bangalore, India arrives on the scene with an innovative and fresh sound of Experimental Rock, and their latest single Ascent is just that. The band started with the objective to create sonic experiences, the kind that encapsulates you and takes you on an imaginative journey. Space Hydra draws influences from a wide range of genres like Post-Progressive Rock, Ambient Music, Synthwave, Dream-pop, and Nu-Jazz.

Ascent takes a flight to an alternate reality. The song is inspired by the various realities that we create constantly as we drown ourselves in a digital world where our gadgets grip our lives and actions. “Ascent” uses two recurring synthesizer melodies denoting two realities and a central motorik beat denoting time. The music is described as “Atmospheric”, “Transcendental” and sometimes “Cosmic”.

Listen to Ascent now, currently streaming on all major platforms.


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