Listen to Keayush’s ‘Des Mera’ – A Republic Day Anthem

Keayush, the budding artist, has recently released her latest record, “Des Mera,” a harmonious melody that evokes a deep sense of patriotism. The film, crafted by Drop In Productions, is a soul-stirring symphony that draws inspiration from the five elements, with a particular emphasis on ‘land’ to convey a profound love for one’s country and elevate spirits.

The backdrop of the song centers around the kumbhars, or Potters, showcasing the artistry involved in pottery. The narrative unfolds as a father imparts the skill of pottery to his son, who initially struggles to attain perfection. However, the son gradually masters the art form, and a turning point occurs during a pottery session with his friend, Keayush.

In a casual yet impactful moment, Keayush adds a tricolor mark to the pot, sparking creativity in the son’s mind. This simple act transforms into a significant motif as the son starts incorporating proper tricolor marks on his pots, quickly gaining attention and leading to substantial business orders. The emphasis on ‘Made in India’ becomes a poignant representation, originating from the inspired gesture by Keayush.

The music video features notable personalities such as chillar party star Naman Jain, Santosh Ojha, and Keayush herself. It beautifully captures the journey of artistic discovery, friendship, and entrepreneurial spirit, weaving together elements of tradition, creativity, and patriotism.

“Des Mera” by Keayush is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage and a testament to the creative spirit that defines the nation. Released just before Republic Day, the timing adds an extra layer of significance to the song, making it a perfect anthem that instills pride and love for the country in the hearts of its listeners.

Pushpendra Giri
Pushpendra Giri

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