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Listen to Kashmira’s Recent Single ‘Cut To The Chase’

The young singer/songwriter from Pune, Kashmira Khot released her single ‘Cut To The Chase’ in November 2021. Having learned music since childhood, she possesses the perfect understanding of musicality which is quite evident in the song.

Kashmira’s way of songwriting aptly depicts the realization of living in a boring loop every day and wishing to come out of that phase. The songwriting is perfectly executed through the organic production of the track giving an indie rock vibe from the beginning onwards with a little essence of indie-pop amalgamated together. Kashmira’s outstanding vocals flow flawlessly with the groovy rhythm coming from the blend of electric guitar and drum patterns. The tonal quality of the instruments does full justice to the raw and real aspect of her voice.

Getting immense acknowledgment after her first release ‘Break Through’, Kashmira kept the spirit going to drop her second single ‘Cut To The Chase’ in a marvelous manner. Fellow artists, Mayank Katare and Saurabh Lodha too have played a brilliant part to improve and complete the track with precision.

Listen to ‘Cut To The Chase’ by Kashmira on Spotify ‘Suffle Indie Selections’ Playlist –



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