Featured Interview With The Uprising Singer And Songwriter “Kamilia”

Kamilia, born on July 22nd, 1993, is a Moroccan Dutch singer/songwriter from Rotterdam. The main genre she dedicates herself to is Pop, with an urban flavor. As a child, Kamilia wrote short stories and songs. Her Mediterranean background and non-typical life experience made Kamilia an inspiring personality for young people.


As she grew up she took piano lessons from the famous pianist and composer Sjoerd de Vries. During the lessons, Sjoerd started seeing her talent .Her beautiful voice and writing skills made him proud. Kamilia and Sjoerd started to compose songs and to discover the possibilities of her singing skills. Sjoerd called her voice a voice with a clear signature. She took many workshops from different vocal educators like Waylon, Airto, Jordan Roy and Hind.

After working with Sjoerd de Vries she met another producer Rodney Jason. Their first success was the debut single ‘’ LoveGame’’, released in June 2016. The song was broadcast on XITE in Belgium & Holland.

After the success of the song “LoveGame” many tv shows such as Hollands got talent, X-factor, Idols & Utopia tried to get Kamilia on the show. But she decided to build up her career on her own. Then she met the famous producer Monsif from Holland. They worked together on Kamilla’s first single that is coming out in April. She is very excited to let the world hear what she has been doing all these months. She is also working on her first EP that is coming out this year.

Kamilia is not only a composer but also a musician, she is not only an artist but also a performer. She is surrounded by a professional team to guide her on her journey in the music industry.

Her inspirations are Chris Brown , JoJo, Kehlani, Jessie J and many more.

We asked Kamilia a couple of random questions. Check it out below.


How did it start?

It all started when I was 13 I started to play the keys and write my own songs. That’s when I knew I wanted to be an artist.

How’s the Music scene in your country?

The music scene in Holland haha as you may know the biggest DJ’s are from Holland.

Any new tracks coming?

There are definitely new tracks coming I’m going to release my new single/video clip in March.

What’s your short term and long term goal as a musician?

My short term as an artist is to perform a lot this year score a hit and get a publishing deal. For the long-term, I would love to go international.

What do you think of your genre of music?

I really love my genre! My genre is pop with an urban flavor.I used to listen to RnB a lot when I was younger so my big music roots lay there haha.

What do you think of electronic music?

I love EDM music especially with a lot of edgy vocals in it.

The software you use?

I use Logic to record my own songs.

Your fav country?

My fav country is the United States ( even tho I have never been there yet).

Your inspiration?

My inspirations are more than one: Chris Brown, JoJo, Kehlani and many more.

Fav movie?

My Fav movie is The Notebook.

Any message for Suffle Music Magazine and your fans and to your haters?

Suffle Music it was an honor for me to be in the magazine. To my fans keep watching there’s more big news/music coming. To my haters keep watching there’s more coming to hate.?


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