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U-He – FREE Zebralette 3 Public Beta

U-He has unleashed the public beta of Zebralette 3, a highly anticipated update to the legendary free synth VST.

Renowned as one of the best free synths, Zebralette 3 has been creating a buzz since Urs Heckmann teased it at Superbooth in 2023. The public beta release marks a significant step forward, allowing users to test core features like the spline-based wavetable editor and dive into the depths of this single oscillator powerhouse.

This beta release not only provides hands-on experience but also invites users to share opinions and suggestions, potentially influencing future releases.

Zebralette 3, although ambitious, is a work in progress. Users should anticipate unexpected elements like bugs and limited features during this exciting journey towards the full release.

Accompanied by an informative introductory video and a detailed user guide, the beta showcases Zebralette 3’s powerful features, including the spline editor, wavetables, stamp tools, oscillator effects slots, and more.

While the product may be in its early stages, the fully-vectorized GUI impresses, complemented by excellent early presets crafted by the U-He team.

The beta period has no set end date, ensuring developers take the time needed for refinement. U-He encourages user engagement through dedicated threads covering topics like spline editor usability, wavetable engine discussion, bug reports, and tips & tricks.

Zebralette 3 will support 64-bit AU, VST3, AAX, and CLAP formats, making it a versatile addition to any setup.

As a reminder, during February 2024, Plugin Boutique offers UAD’s PolyMAX for free with any purchase. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the evolving landscape of Zebralette 3 Beta – available for free download.

Download Zebralette 3 Beta now (FREE)

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