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Reflex Acoustics Unveils FREE Automatic Compressor Plugin

Reflex Acoustics has just rolled out AutomaticLite, a free automatic compressor plugin, now available for download on the company’s website.

Compatible with VST3 for PC and VST3/AU for Mac (AAX support coming soon), AutomaticLite offers a simplified version of Reflex Acoustics’ AutomaticDynamic comp, which is priced at $55.

Described by Reflex Acoustics as an “automatic compressor that’s effortless to calibrate to your material,” AutomaticLite sets itself apart by automatically handling threshold and make-up gain parameters, ensuring a consistent dynamic signature, regardless of volume fluctuations.

The Compression knob allows control over the threshold’s depth below signal peaks, while proprietary gain reduction dynamics work to preserve transients. The plugin also boasts an adjustable compression ratio (1 to 4x), customizable attack/release times, and a straightforward automatic gate with a range of up to 6 dB.

AutomaticLite’s features extend to parallel processing through gain-matched dry/wet mix control, automatic make-up gain for perceived loudness matching, and 100% unlinked mid-side processing.

Reflex Acoustics offers guidance on using AutomaticLite, emphasizing setting release time to match your material’s groove, finding a sweet spot at 33% wet on the Mix dial, and suggesting usage on the master bus or individual tracks.

Zero latency operation, an instant A/B feature accessible by clicking the gain reduction display, and easy dial resets to default values with double-clicks or Ctrl/Cmd holding enhance the user experience.

To download AutomaticLite, users need to check out via the Reflex Acoustics store, requiring an email and billing address. The paid version, AutomaticDynamic, comes with additional features such as a Three-way Mode selector, Color switch, Low Cut, and High Cut.

AutomaticLite marks Reflex Acoustics’ third free release, following the Reflex Dynamic Range Meter and the creatively named Free Release, which serve as a dynamic range visualizer and a single-knob master bus sweetener, respectively.

Reflex Acoustics continues its trend of automation-focused plugin releases, streamlining thresholds, drive, and gain for a fast and efficient workflow.

Download now: AutomaticLite (FREE – email required)

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