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Actuate – FREE Subtractive Synthesizer By Ardura

Ardura, the maverick independent plugin developer and trance maestro, has just unleashed Actuate, a free, open-source synth that’s a game-changer.

Actuate doesn’t conform to the traditional norms, it’s a subtractive synthesizer, a sampler, and a granulizer all rolled into one, proudly crafted in Rust. Sure, its UI might seem overwhelming at first glance, but behind the clutter lies a synth that not only produces an impressive sound but also packs a punch with its array of intriguing features.

Don’t let appearances deceive you, Actuate may not flaunt a polished, finished look, but it deserves a standing ovation for the developer’s generosity and invaluable contribution to the audio community.

The uniqueness of Actuate doesn’t stop at its sound, the conceptual design is a breath of fresh air. Divided into three distinct sections, the audio generators take center stage.

The first stop is the oscillator section, boasting 12 oscillator shapes ranging from the familiar Sine, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square, Pulse, and Noise to the more exotic WSaw, SSaw, RSaw, RASaw, and RSquare. Each waveform has its character; SSaw delivers a shimmery sound, while WSaw adds a crispiness with some noise variance.

The second generator section houses a sampler with nifty features like pitch shifting and resample stretching, supporting single-cycle waveforms for that wavetable-like behavior.

The third and final generator, the Granulizer, takes the spotlight with granular synthesis, complete with controls over ADSR and crossfading between grains. Mix and match any generator with any filter for an expansive soundscape.

Actuate features 2 SVF Filters, a VCF-inspired filter, and Tilt-inspired filters, offering a choice of seven different algorithms or filter resonance approximations. From classic Moog Ladder filter vibes to TB-303 squelchy LP feels, the variety caters to sound design enthusiasts.

And the party doesn’t stop there. Actuate brings in 10 different FXs for post-processing, 3 LFOs, 2 Pitch Envelopes, and 4 Modulators, all waiting to be assigned to various destinations. It’s a reminiscent journey, drawing parallels with the iconic Halo 2 Lite by DHplugins in terms of audio architecture.

Actuate extends its arms to macOS, Windows, and Linux users as a VST 3 and CLAP Plugin, ready to be downloaded and explored.

Download: Actuate (FREE Open-Source)

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