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11 Jungkook No Makeup Photos

Jungkook’s no-makeup pictures will be shocking if you are a big fan. Make sure to gather all the positive energy before you get shocked.

Jungkook, real name Jeon Jung-kook is a K-pop artist from the band BTS. He is also a vocalist, dancer, composer, lyricist, and more. Apart from having a great career with the band, he is also a solo artist with a lot of influence in the current music scene. The Korean artist has collaborated with over a dozen of pop music artists like Charlie Puth, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, and more setting the benchmark for non-native English singers.

Kook, being famous for being an entertainer is a thing but what he is also famous for is his looks. This is also a reason why his fans want to know how he looks without makeup. So make sure to check this list and save your favorite picture of Jungkook without Makeup.

1. Sleep time

Jungkook looking sleepy and relaxing on his bed.

2. The poser

Posing with his eyes closed and earrings on.

3. Poker face selfie

The why so serious face without any makeup.

4. Side profile no makeup

Looks like a photo from young years. The face looks a bit rough without any makeup.

5. Looking at something interesting

Jungkook is looking at something on the screen here. Surely a random click.

6. Good hair selfie

A good hair day without makeup makes the picture look amazing.

7. Jungkook live without makeup

Is Jungkook all sweaty? Looks like he was performing live and got clicked.

8. Listening to some good music

Clicked while relaxing and listening to music.

9. Jungkook looking cute

Looking cute is 24*7 job of the singer. His face looks hydrating and shinning in this picture.

10. Random click

Randomly clicked. But, he looks cute. The Korean can be seen wearing a brown coat.

11. Mask Off

Travelling or relaxing? What do you guys think?



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