Nerak Mesmerises Listeners With New Single 'Raastay'

Nerak along with Vedang has released their newest single ‘Raastay’.

Nerak, the Pune based songwriter/Musician’s ‘Raastay’ is all about Letting go of something that’s troubled us for a long time. A composition produced by Vedang, this ballad tells you about self-love and confers with you how absolving yourself is more important than forgiving people.

Nerak says “Vedang has also performed the song with me. Glad to have him on vocals. Amit shot & edited the music video and just helped me achieve my vision in the best possible way.
Omkar played an important role in the video and helped me tell you this story”. This track is accompanied by beautiful artwork created by Pari Satarkar.

It’s okay to let go,
It’s okay to forgive, Dishonesty, betrayal, and hatred is a part of life, but it all depends on how you tackle and fight your demons and outshine your better self.

Nerak’s latest single is all about it… stream it now on all major platforms. Listen to ‘Raastay’ below on Spotify-

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