The Indian music industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years. The number of musical talents that are ready to go forward and take the risk to be the next hitmaker is huge. Thanks to the internet and global music giants which made it possible for Indian artists.

Regardless of the evolution, the industry doesn’t shy away from the number of failures that go unnoticed every single day. It requires a rare breed of talented individuals to be able to make it in the industry and have a successful career.

Basskaster is one of those young talented individuals. The mysterious masked producer is known for bringing together influences of electronic music along with other genres to create hits that translate into inspiring records. His latest single ‘Shabd’ in collaboration with Rap music artist Drggst is an example of the same. Trap beats combined with aggressive rap vocals and gritty drop synth makes ‘Shabd‘ a perfect trap anthem to close 2021 in style.

Listen here –

The identity of the artist is still unknown. All we know is that his music speaks for him, and his unique Mask certainly looks like a Modern Day Magic Caster, which defines the unique approach towards Empathy and Rage.