Atrangi Funkaar Releases Their Brand New Single ‘The Alien Song’

The very talented band, Atrangi Funkaar, drops a scintillating song ‘The Alien Song’ recently last month. Portraying this single in a very different way, Atrangi Funkaar gives their audience an ‘out of the world’ feeling literally.

‘The Alien Song’ discusses the deceptive picture we have made for a species that has still not been properly known to us. Like most of their songs, here too, Atrangi Funkaar includes satire excellently in their words. The various electro-based elements used in the track have added to the beautiful execution of the production. The perfect vibe given by the vocals along with the grandeur brought by the backing vocals in the chorus part brings an anthem-like aura to the song. This vibe is enhanced by the bass drums blended appropriately in these parts which are the main highlights of the track.

With each song, Atrangi Funkaar is presenting its uniqueness to the fans. The band holds an immensely supreme execution of the themes that they have been incorporating in the songs.

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