The Mumbai-based singer and songwriter, Lavanya Ayren, unleashes her first debut album – ‘HER: A Story’. The track is a personal anecdote of her love life explained in a full circle. ‘HER’- A Story” is a compilation of 5 tracks, with each track showcasing different phases a person goes through when trapped in love.

The smooth combination of the beats in the background fused with her mesmerizing vocals takes the listener on a journey throughout the album. The thorough composition of the tracks and the impressive expression of her feelings through the songs, make the album highly relatable to any individual going through different phases of love.

Across the song, Lavanya sings about love, obsession, self-blame, pain, remorse, and hope. The album opens with the title track “HER”, where the singer harmonizes about being completely drowned in love and obsessed with her special one. While, the melancholic “You Need To Go” gives a picture of a completely opposite scenario, being drenched in self-blame and guilt. The third and fourth tracks, ‘CityLights’ and ‘Enough is Enough’, are all about the struggle to break through the tough relationship. Concluding the album with the powerful ‘But I Survive’, the artist portrays a strong-resilient woman prepared to deal with any situation.

Though a collection of indie-pop songs, the album narrates the real story of the singer’s self-resurrection that everyone out there can surely connect to. It’s about those specific years in an individual’s life when you take certain bad decisions, feel regretful unable to erase it, try hard to forget it, start self-accusing, get driven by emotions, drain yourself mentally; but at the end, you somehow pass through it and accept it as a phase of your messy life!

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