How did KEVU started and, what were the vision and mission when you started the project KEVU? Is the mission statement the same as it was before? and What’s your plan for 2019?

We started out a few years back, we both had our own solo projects, but we started to collab on a lot of projects together and decided to combine forces and create the duo that is now known as KEVU. Our mission since the beginning was to create as much music as possible, tour as much as we can and create a great fanbase with who we can share our songs and experiences with. That’s what we’ve been doing so far and will always have in mind!

From your previous interviews, we have observed that you always talk about staying loyal to your sound. What exactly does that mean? Because you have also been experimenting with different styles lately.

We always like to experiment with new genres and different sounds, but we always like to put some elements that people can recognize as a KEVU song. Even if its something a bit different then what we’ve done before! We try to do that to expand our horizons but also to provide the fans with the KEVU sounds that they’ve been hearing since they were following us.

Do you think social media has played a very important role for you? Your content marketing skills are on point and are there any advice for upcoming talents when it comes to branding and marketing?

Social media is super important! At the end of the day, is the best way to connect with other producers and with our fans. We always try to show new songs on our socials, ask questions, make contests. Anything we can to make sure we stay in touch with our fans and let them know that we are thankful for every single one of them! And that’s a tip as well.

You have a good fan base from all around the world and we have observed that you are always interacting with them. Do you think personal interaction is something that has made such a strong fan base or is there any other secret?

Yes, that’s totally true! Our fanbase knows that they can always reach out to us. We try to meet as many fans as possible on tour and even when we’re not touring. We are super active on Instagram and we try to get back to everyone and provide them with new previews or news or plans we have to come, Its very important to have a consistent connection with our fanbase and we try to do that as much as we can!

So you have been traveling around the world and playing different shows for a couple of years now. Is there any specific festival or show that you are aiming to play next?

At the moment we are having a huge Asian tour that lasts 23 days so we are super focused on making this tour as memorable as possible, test a lot of new music and meet all the fans we have around the world. After this one ends, we will lock ourselves in the studio again and get ready for the next one!

KEVU has got a huge support list to be frank and everybody knows that. How you guys managed to get the attention and support of all these big names?

We started by sending all of our tracks to bigger DJ’s through their promo mail and eventually, they started to pick up our songs which was a great help! Another thing we did was we started doing a lot of collaborations. Having songs released on big labels helps a lot to get supported.

How did you got signed to major labels? And what is the change which took place after getting signed to such big labels?

Our first big releases was a collab with Olly James, with got released on Maxximize Records. After that, we started getting more exposure and started to work with a lot more artists. We ended up finishing a song with JAGGS that got signed to Revealed Recordings by Hardwell. That also was a big release for us! Once you have your name out there, its all about making as much music as possible and keep sending them out to Top DJ’s and record labels.

How did your collaboration with Maddix take place? And what is that one thing that you love about him?

We had an idea of a drop done and showed him. He really liked it and decided to work on it together with us. We finished the track in a few days and then we found a really cool vocal, that was a perfect match. We ended up meeting Maddix for the first time in person in Thailand, which was great. He’s a super cool guy and talented producer. We loved the fact that through music, we were able to travel the world and meet Maddix while playing at the same festival, which gave us the chance to present the song together on stage. It was crazy fun!

The global dance music scene is changing right now, and we are noticing a shift towards the pop kinda sounds. Is KEVU planning to do the same in the future?

We will always experiment with different styles if we feel like it, but we will never stop working on harder songs like “BAND” or “SOLDIER”. That got us where we are now!

How do you find inspiration for any track?

Usually, we listen to Tomorrowland sets, Ultra sets to get inspiration or just listen to songs from other genres and try to pick up small details to merge with our style!

What is the biggest challenge while producing any song?

The biggest challenge is to finish a song haha, it’s so easy to start new ones when you’re producing, new ideas keep coming so we try to keep focused and first finish the one we’re working and then move to the next one.

Who is your favorite producer in the scene right now?

Our favorite producers in the scene are Roy Dest, Olly James & Futuristic Polar Bear. We have a few songs finished with all of them and we can’t wait to release them. They’re all super talented producers we loved working with.

Any tip for upcoming producers and DJs?

Watch as many tutorials as possible and invest in good quality sample pack! Not everyone has a professional studio to mix everything right, so using the right sounds can really boost your productions.

Are you happy with whatever you have accomplished so far?

Super happy but never settled! We’re always aiming for more and we are really excited about what this year has for us.