Distant Echoes is a global composer collective founded by Harshit Verma which aims to deliver modern music services to the masses without being a burden on musician’s pockets. The aim is to be among the most classified and sorted music production companies in the world. It offers audio production services from composing to mastering all under one roof for advertisement jingles, films, and short films, music production, etc. 

Recently, the global composer collective released a brand new theme called The Distant Echoes to take their business in the right direction and showcase how skilled they are at their craft. The track is an orchestral composition having a wide array of sounds which speaks for itself about the potential of the musicians working together. The track slowly starts with firmly sweeping string swells and, later on, becomes a wide and heavy full piece. The arp sounds mutating in brings the choirs and the crushing power of strings together making the track a wonderful piece of art. The overall foundation laid by the artists is very strong and the sounds used is equal to that of a score produced for movies. 

Listen here  – https://open.spotify.com/track/7cFKzxtGEwDrVojeF2uR8j

Artists Involved –

Harshit Verma (Composer, Arranger, and Orchestrator)

Rohan Solomon (Mix Engineer)

Dan Millice (Mastering Engineer)