Hailing from North-East India, the two young talents Chandrajit Das and Rishav Gandhar step out of their comfort zone and present something unique to the audience- “Nazaarey”. 

The exquisite melody of Nazarey is the result of Chandrajit’s remarkable music production and the flow of enriching lyrics written by Rishav. In addition, despite not being in close proximity to singing for years, both the creators came up with a beautiful array of vocals which makes the single even more enchanting.

Inclined towards music from a very tender age and passing out from the same institution brought them together to create and innovate. After working collectively for a certain time span on songwriting and composing, both the artists have now come to the stage where their productions translate amazingly to the listeners. 

When asked more about the song the artists said – 

Every one of us has seen many scenes in our dreams which might be random, formless, meaningless, confusing, but very close to our hearts. Despite being unreal, we never want those dreams to fade away. We seek to hold onto those moments of dreams and relive them every time. “Nazaarey” is all about such a feeling, “the apocalypse of a teen’s dreams and his unending desire and urge to hold onto it”.

The illustration of such an idea in their track with its soothing and alluring music presents a fusion of positivity, urge, desire, curiosity, and pathos which creates a whole new vibe. This is the first time they are presenting something “out of the box” from their place. The beautiful amalgamation and synchronization of the musical instruments with the vocals make it a perfect pick for blurry nights!

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