Bhopal based Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist Adi Verma wrapped up 2020 with a very different kind of experience just like everyone else and started the new year with a bang by releasing an emotional record ‘Raahi’ in collaboration with Ram Mahajan and Saransh Shukla.

Raahi is a song that talks about the complexities of relationships and the emptiness they leave in their passing, allowing one to move away from the incomplete paths of life. The deep melodies in ‘Raahi’ cleverly allow you to navigate through the deepest emotion of pain and loss giving you the strength to let go. The soothing music allows one to dwell and come to terms with the incomplete encounters of life. The track has a solid foundation of Guitar, lush chords & biting Bollywood drums. The production behind the booth has been really effective and that’s one of the most important factors in making the track became a successful debut single.

The singer defines ‘Raahi’ as a product of his personal experience, which everyone can resonate with. It portrays a struggle experienced in all relations. As we go through life, we come across difficulties not just in relationships but also in all our endeavors.