Atrangi Funkaar Unveils New Single And Talks About Their Journey

Atrangi Funkaar, the Jaipur-based band which consists of five members each bringing with them a different set of talent, has recently dropped their first single of the year titled ‘Super Mario’. Comprising of immense passion for music, these young boys have been successful to keep up their track of releasing quality music.

The song expresses from the perspective of Super Mario while he is on a transition to save Princess Peach from the dreadful hands of her family. Bringing the flavor and color of their native place, Atrangi Funkaar here portrays the story of a Rajasthani household girl who is compared to Peach and her adored sweetheart who is our own real-life SuperMario. This aspect is executed more beautifully with the Rajasthani lyrics getting blended easily with the funk-rock vibe of the song. The electric guitars with distortions in proper sections combined with the perfect bass line gave the track a sense of completion. Describing the heroic tale, the rap in the middle portion brought a different spirit to the song.

Atrangi Funkar brings a scent of quirk/satire with each of their songs for which they have been acknowledged by their fans from time to time. Their unique way of writing and composing their music will definitely reach a wider audience in the coming days.

Listen to ‘Super Mario’ by Atrangi Funkaar on Spotify-

Wanting to know more about this interesting band, we decided to have an interview with them regarding ‘Super Mario’, their band’s journey and more about their future plans.

So, how did the name ‘Atrangi Funkaar’ come to your mind and who named it actually?
Naming a band while starting it becomes easy when we are aware of the music we’re going to make.

While being from different music backgrounds and having in mind to make Multi-Genre music, Ruhaan and Param decided to bring some Atranginess to the name, hence calling it Atrangi Funkaar.

Your songs consist of a satire or quirk touch mostly. So even before starting as a band, did you guys have this theme in mind or this was included only after the whole band got formed?
Can we know the reason behind including this touch of satire?

Well, it developed eventually once we became aware of our surroundings, and to make Out-Of-The-Box music, we have to completely dissolve ourselves into reality.

Our satirical and quirky texture came to life while making our first song ‘Uncle Ji’ and it made us more clear about the path.

The touch of satire is just a way not to limit ourselves to any specific genre of music. It opens up the limitlessness of thoughts.

Are you all from Jaipur? And were you people involved in Rajasthani folk song culture in your past, because in your recent song Super Mario, we see the flavors of Rajasthan?
Being from different regions of Rajasthan, Folk music is what we have grown up with.

Making music together opens the ideology and that’s where we came up with an idea to make Super Mario a Marwadi Cyberpunk song.

How did the thought of involving ‘Super Mario’ as a character in your song cross your mind? So tell us about the journey of making this song.
Ruhaan wanted to create something about Supermario so when the idea was taken ahead with, it changed to a perspective of a real-life Marwadi Mario from Rajasthan who is unable to be with his beloved princess and how this song can be a narrative of the whole scene where Mario is trying to get back his queen. The song has had many stages in production from being an acoustic track to a semi-rock and now electronic funk (cyberpunk)we would like to call it! We have tried to keep the value of the intent of the lyrics with the crazy heavy music behind and hence we feel that this narrative is one of a kind!

How would each of you describe yourself in one word or one sentence?
Ruhaan – Kaidi Azaad Hai
Param –
Bhuppi – peace
Avnesh – Mr. Fresh hona hai
Doleshwar – essentials

What are your immediate future plans? I mean to say your next releases or live shows?
We plan to release the last song of this EP in April after which we have 2 more EPs planned!
1 EP you can expect in June and the other one in July! Post releasing 3 EPs, we are planning a 6 city tour in Sept-Oct!

Describe the experience you people had in your past live shows.
Well, Live shows are what we live for! Every moment on the stage makes our struggle more worth it! Our aim is to present a theatrical act for 60-80 min on a live set with our music! I hope that no more covid waves come up and we can proceed with our tour in September as planned! We think that whatever following and energy we have created for Atrangi Funkaar is only due to our live sets because the songs give us so much energy to put out our whole body with complete emotion on stage while performing!!

How often do you people jam together? Is it regular or do you do it when you are making songs or rehearsing for shows? Tell us about the fun you people have when you jam.
To be honest, nowadays we don’t jam much but in the end, our jams are where songs are completed! We have also come up with song ideas during instrumental jams which is always a plus point! We intend to continue our jamming sessions at least 3 to 4 times a week right after the release of our last song! We independently market and sell our music which kind of becomes a hindrance in the practice side of things!

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